About us

In 2006, a tight-knit group of friends began organizing trips to Ibiza for European students. After nine years, our Ibiza trip has become the largest in Europe with more than 2500 people every year.

Seven years ago we decided to create a new concept for trips to Ibiza, specifically designing the experience for study abroad students in Europe (mainly from the United States). Since then, in cooperation with the De Lis group, we have created the commercial brand known as Good Vibes Ibiza.


Due to our extensive experience in providing safe, affordable, and quality trips, GOOD VIBES Ibiza has become the most professional and specialized travel agency organizing trips to Ibiza for international students.

We believe in providing a service of the utmost quality, and due to this we only offer three trips per year based on specific dates for the best weekends in Ibiza. As a result, our clients remain happy and our reputation continues to grow.

In planning each trip, Good Vibes conducts extensive research as to what events will be going on, which DJs will be playing, and all other relevant details during your specific dates of travel. We choose the best possible accommodations, the most enjoyable day activities, and the most spectacular parties. The highest level of effort goes into planning each of these three unique trips, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Without a doubt, Good Vibes Ibiza is the best way to discover this island paradise in one weekend at the most competitive price.


We are very excited to announce that in April of 2020, the GOOD VIBES Ibiza Party Experience will make history by organizing the largest and wildest trip in Europe. Upwards of 1000 crazy study abroad students will be part of this unique event.

Are you going to be part of history, too? Join us and make some memories!