• For rooming, you will need to provide the Booking Reference for each desired roommate.
  • Only one person needs to create the room – the rest will be assigned to that room and will receive a confirmation email.
  • If someone’s Booking Reference is not found in the system, it is likely that he/she has already been chosen for another room.
  • We can only guarantee you will have the desired room and roommates if you fill out the rooming form by March 25th. After this date, we'll do our best to follow your preferences but we cannot guarantee them.
  • IF you arrive on Thursday and/or leave on Sunday, that means paying for extra nights. Keep in mind that if the whole room is not occupied, you'll have to pay an extra 35€ upon arrival for each bed, and each day that each bed is not occupied. If you're traveling alone but don’t want to pay extra for empty beds, we'll pair you with someone of the same gender.
  • Coed rooms are most certainly allowed!